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Conferences & Events

CST Booth

CST scientists look forward to interacting with current customers and having an opportunity to meet new customers at regional and international seminars, conferences, tradeshows and other industry events throughout the year. Please stop by the CST booth to meet with one of our scientists, learn about new products, pick up some reference material or simply stop by to say hello. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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2020 Dates

Dates Meeting Name Booth # Location
Dates Meeting Name Booth # Location
Jan 17 Netherlands Proteomics Platform Meeting   Utrecht, NL
Jan 23-24 3rd German Mass Cytometry User Forum   Berlin, DE
Feb 12-14 EACR - A Matter of Life or Death: Mechanisms, Models and Therapeutic Opportunities   Bergamo, IT
Feb 29 Edinburgh Breast Cancer Special Symposium   Edinburgh, UK
Mar 2-4 EACR-AACR-ASPIC Conference: Tumor Microenvironment 5.02 Lisbon, PT
Mar 16-18 The 93rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Pharmacological Society   Yokohama, JP
Apr 2-5 AAT-AD/PD™ 2020 19 Vienna, AT
Apr 14-17 CSCB T4 Suzhuo, CN
Apr 24-29 AACR Annual Meeting 2304 San Diego, CA
May 4-8 Chromatin, Epigenetics & Transcription   Suzhuo, CN
May 8-10 The First International Yourth Forum on Aging Research   Beijing, CN
May 8-12 Immunology 2020 301 Honolulu, HI
May 21-22 The 14th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Epigenetics   Nagoya, JP
May 21-22 5th Annual Advances in Immuno-Oncology UK Congress   London, UK
Jun 2-5 SLAS Europe 2020   Vienna, Austria
Jun 4-6 6th Antibody Validation Workshop and 11th Meeting   Hamburg, DE
Jun 10-12 The 24th Annual Meeting of Japanese Association of Cancer Immunology   Sapporo, JP
Jun 17-20 EACR 2020 C10 Torino, IT
Jul 2-5 Symposium for Chinese Neuroscientists Worldwide 2020 (SCNW 2020)   Hangzhou, CN
Jul 6-8 2020 BSPR Annual Scientific Meeting   Oxford, UK
Jul 11-15 12 FENS Forum of Neuroscience 80 Glasgow, UK
Jul 29 - Aug 1 The 43rd Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society   Kobe, JP
Aug 14-17 Cancer Cell Biology Conference   Changchun, CN
Sep 10-12 The 63rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Neurochemistry   Tokyo, JP
Sep 10-13 Guangzhou International Biotechnology Expo 2020   Guangzhou, CN
Sep 14-16 The 93rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Biochemical Society   Yokohama, JP
Sep 16-20 Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting   Xiamen, CN
Sep 17-18 CiteAb Antibody Validation meeting 2020   Bath, UK
Oct 1-3 The 79th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Cancer Association   Hiroshima, JP
Oct 6-7 ELRIG Drug Discovery A11 London, UK
Oct 15-18 Immunology Annual Meeting   Wuhan, CN
Oct 24-28 Neuroscience 2020 2100 Washington, D.C.
Oct 29-Nov 1 25th Congress of Chinese Society of Pathology and 9th Annual Meeting of Chinese Pathologists   Beijing, CN
Nov 24-25 ELRIG Pharmaceutical Flow Cytometry & Imaging 2020 B11 GSK, UK
Nov 30 - Dec 3 British Society for Immunology Congress   Edinburgh, UK
Dec 2-4 The 43rd Annual Meeting of the Molecular Biology Society of Japan   Kobe, JP

2020 Dates

Date Vendor Show Location
Feb 13 BioShow - MIT Show  
Feb 29 - Mar 4 ABRF Palm Springs, CA
Mar 19 BioShow - Galleria Show  
Apr 30 MetroFlow Tarrytown, NY
May 31 - Jun 4 ASMS Houston, TX
Jun Georgetown University Vendor Show  
Date Vendor Show Location

2019 Dates

Date Event Speaker(s)
Nov 6 Critical considerations for optimizing imaging mass cytometry Noel F.C.C. de Miranda, PhD, Leiden University Medical Center; Jessica Simendinger, Cell Signaling Technology, Inc.
Dec 4 New Horizons for Protein Degradation: Immediate, Selective Protein Control Using the dTAG System Speaker: Behnam Nabet, PhD;
Research Fellow: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Date Event Speaker(s)

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